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Be Resilient, Be Empowered,
Be Valued, Be Effective,
Be Authentic, Be A Leader.

How often...

  • do you hesitate to speak up in a meeting only to hear your idea or comment being voiced by someone else? They get the credit, you are not heard.

  • do you feel overlooked in favour of a colleague with a lower skillset than you? They get the promotion, you feel left behind.

  • have you felt undervalued and unseen; whether in work or outside work? You get shoddy customer service; you feel ignored.


Key skills needed

Several surveys of professionals divulge
that they felt to be missing key skills
which they need to progress such as:

·    Self-Belief & Confidence 

·    Executive Profile & Presence

·    Impactful Personal Brand

·    Influence

·    Resilience


A common issue

We know from anecdotal evidence and consultations with our clients that there are many who suffer from Imposter Syndrome, feeling not worthy or not deserving, spending too much time comparing themselves to others.


We have also discovered that you already have everything you need within you.  Sometimes you have to dig deep to find it.

We will help you.

Lisa Nolan from Aslan Coaching and Maria Macklin from House of Colour

have collaborated to develop a modular programme to give you the tools

to be seen, heard and valued; whatever you are doing.

This is the only programme of its kind and offers a suite of options
which can be tailored to your specific needs.

On completion we will ensure that you grow your confidence through building your resilience, activating your leadership, taking control of - and strengthening - your professional presence.


You will receive personal confidence tools and actionable tips that you can implement immediately.

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Reveal the best you

Our modules will give you the knowledge and know-how to access what you perceive you are lacking.

Tap into your potential

We tap into your potential, show you how to unlock that every day and give you actionable tips and changes in habits that you can use immediately.

Tailored to you

All elements are tailored and bespoke to you. The content has been proven to achieve life-long learning and embedded knowledge, leaving you feeling empowered and in control.

Would you love to...

Have more self-confidence & self-efficacy?

 Understand the physiology of trust & distrust and how this applies to working relationships?

 Be able to cope effectively with challenges and change?

 Discover your authentic personal brand

 Be perceived as credible, competent and trustworthy?

Feel confident to speak up?

Tangible Benefits

Our clients regularly report and demonstrate tangible and financial benefits in their professional careers and in the success of their businesses as a result of this programme, by securing dream jobs, promotions and increased business performance.

What Our Clients Say...

“I feel a lot more empowered and got tools to use in business and personal life”

“I found the content of this programme extremely original, thought provoking and reiterative."

“This tailored programme is exceptional”

“An excellent partnership in different areas of expertise. Every element was helpful and complemented each other”


There is a series of modules listed on the menu below.

Choose those which you feel are most relevant to you.

(If you are not sure we invite you to book a 30 minute discovery call
with us so we can recommend the modules that will be most beneficial to you.)

Discovery Meeting

Three-way discovery meeting (30 minutes online)

Gap analysis and identifying your needs

Reveal the Best You

Three-way wrap up meeting (30 minutes online)

Reviewing transformation and impact. Deciding future action steps

to embed insights

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What sets this programme apart?

This programme is unique in its format, content and delivery. You will move seamlessly between Lisa’s and Maria’s modules.


  • We offer continued support and enthusiasm for our clients' growth

  • We make it interesting, fun, relatable and relevant to whatever age, personality or profession

  • We encourage you to be true to yourself from the outset

  • We deliver the content in a light hearted way without diminishing the power of the subject

  • We build trust with you at an early stage with passion, drive, belief and expertise