R.E.V.E.A.L. the Best You!

Be Resilient; Be Empowered; Be Valued; Be Effective; Be Authentic; Be a Leader

Have you ever hesitated to speak up in a meeting only to hear your idea or comment being voiced by someone else? They get the credit. You end up kicking yourself as you’re not seen or heard. Is it any wonder you aren’t earning those promotions?

Claire, one of Maria’s clients, was that person until she understood how to take her space. She had been overlooked while her peers were being promoted. She wasn’t being asked for her opinion. She knew she had a contribution to make but felt invisible.

When she learned that her visual identity was part of her communication strategy, everything changed. She knew how to have impact. She know how to be seen so that she could be perceived as a credible contributor to the management team. Once her visual identity was consistent and authentic, rather than hesitating to speak up, she had the confidence to stand up and be heard. She quickly became a valued member of the team. Gone were the days of being overlooked. Claire moved from being an IT manager to being an IT Global Director in the company where she worked.

Several surveys of professionals divulge that they felt to be missing key skills which they need to progress such as:

• Self-Belief & Confidence

• Executive Profile & Presence

• Impactful Personal Brand

• Influence

• Resilience

Lisa Nolan from Aslan Coaching and Maria Macklin from House of Colour have collaborated to develop a modular programme offering their clients the tools to be seen, heard and valued on every channel. This is the only programme of its kind with a suite of options which are tailored to specific client needs.

Have a look around our website and please contact us any time to chat more about how you can R.E.V.E.A.L the Best You!

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