Reveal the Authentic You

There is a song that only you can sing – you need to sing it in the style that aligns with you. You might be the soloist in the choir, or you might be in the chorus.

You might sing soprano or bass. It doesn’t matter, as long as you are singing in your voice at your volume and pitch.  


Have you ever wondered what statement you are making with your visual appearance? How do people describe you? How do you want to be described? Do you ever feel underdressed or overdressed? Do you get stressed while deciding what to wear? Is your wardrobe full of unworn clothes? Do you spend time shopping for items that you don't wear? Do you feel the need to conform? So many questions!


Through several consultations you will learn how to match your wardrobe to your lifestyle and your budget. You'll know how to build a capsule wardrobe. You will learn about your body architecture and proportions (unique to you)

and how to dress your body shape.


I will dig deep into your personality to ensure that is always reflected in what you wear. I will show you how to have impact, how to be authentic and how to carry authority in your clothing. You will have permission to be yourself, unapologetically.


When you discover the right style for you, you will know how to align your appearance with your personality and will appear authentic. You will look good and feel good every day. You will save time and money. You will have a wardrobe which works for you. Your brand will be consistent, multi-dimensional, professional.

Modules to choose from

Align Your Style

4 hour consultation.

Either face to face in my studio or online.

Includes lunch if in studio.

Wardrobe Edit

Minimum 2 hour session.

Colour Consultation

3 hour consultation.

Face to face in my studio.

Personal Shopping Trip

4 hour session.

Includes lunch.

Styling Consultation

Cement it all together in a practical session in your wardrobe.

What Maria's clients say

Speaking Event

"Your expertise and involvement in preparing my participants for returning to the work place  - as many of them are making complete career changes or the confidence and personal empowerment they gain is priceless. After attending your sessions they see themselves through a different lens and understand that they have a personal brand. They understand how to communicate with the world, that they have visual impact their clothes and their presence. They know how to enhance all of their unique qualities.

All of my participants who have completed your modules have been successful at interview and are now in fulltime employment."